Our History

In order to understand the history of the Spiritan Province of Tanzania, one has to go back to the beginning of the then East Africa Foundation that later on became the East Africa Province in February 1989.

The foundations of the Province were laid by the Superiors of the Districts in East Africa, namely, Kenya, Kilimanjaro and Bagamoyo, who worked in collaboration with the General Council.[1] The birth of the East African Foundation was a resolution arrived at, the East African districts’ chapter that was held in Moshi between July 21 and July 23, 1970.  The chapter was characterized by a frenzied debate on whether to accept African candidates or not. At the end, decision was arrived at after an exercise of secret ballot voting that saw the side that supported the acceptance of African candidates emerge the winners with 18 votes and the contrary side settled with 16 votes.The resolution was that the African candidates were to be accepted and that a province/ vice province of East Africa would be created.


Our Charism

The Spiritan Charism entails various parameters. These parameters make us who we are. Some of the features that define Spiritans are as follows: Evangelical Availability. This entails a two dimensional availability, that is, our availability before God as in our personal holiness which provokes us to say “here am I Lord…” The second dimensional availability is our availability before our fellow men. This translates to our response; “here am I Lord send me” because we are sent to our fellow men and women. These two facets of availability are in actual sense the fulfillment of the commandment that calls us to love God and our neighbors.


Our Mission

The Spiritans’ main mission was and is still the evangelization of the poor. This entails reaching out to persons and groups who have not yet heard the gospel message and those who have scarcely heard it; to those with great needs, the oppressed and the marginalized. We open heartedly take up missions in difficult places especially areas where the church finds difficulty in getting laborers (seeSpiritan Rule of Life [SRL] No. 4).

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